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Keep Track your Power Bills over time

Rated 5 stars by me and some other guys


Sincere apologies but currently the app has a challenge fetching data due to the IP Being Blocked by the KPLC Self Service Site from ~12 PM 31st Dec. I've tried my best to build out some work-arounds but haven't made significant headway. Currently not sure when I'll sort this but have decided to continue with some features in the roadmap that have minimal platform risk and is exclusive of the transactional data.

Thank you for the support for those who tried this tool out. I feel overly gratified I was able to ship and scale this to ~ 3900 people. However I guarantee this is not the end of building better tools we desevere for society 🙂. For more on how i built this check out this recent post and here how the core logic was made

Stay safe and keep building ,